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    It is reported that, every day, 100 Americans are killed with guns and hundreds more are shot and injured. The impact of gun violence extends far beyond the individual victims. Gun violence effects the lives of all who experience it, witness it, know a victim, or live in fear of the next shooting too.

    "First think to understand, then seek to be understood."
    Our mission is to remove the stigma surrounding gun violence in order to effectively impact the changes needed to make our communities safer. Our focus is not an agenda of reform vs. restrictions, but of sharing information and promoting positive dialogue.

    We seek first to understand the victims, their stories, their experiences and their needs for healing, safety and more. Then, as a community we seek to be understood. Change does not happen overnight, but our hope is through sharing experiences, and shedding light on life #beyondthebullet, we can create a conversation that inspires the changes our communities need.


    We're on a mission to give a voice to all those impacted by gun violence. Social change requires both activism and advocacy, Beyond The Bullet is here to create space for both.

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    Cameron, Chief Activist

    Activist. Veteran. Survivor.

    "The night I got shot, people saw us laying on the ground and didn’t even help us...maybe they were scared...maybe they assumed we deserved it -- or maybe they didn’t know how to help? It took one bullet to change my life forever. Bullets don’t have a name...but the people impacted by gun violence do. I'm committed to transforming our communities, through education, activism and most importantly sharing my story. Lives are impacted long after shots are fired, I want to make sure that victims and communities are support to transform lives beyond the bullet."

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    Ashley Sharie, Chief Advocate

    Advocate. Visionary. Ally.

    "I remember when I first heard Cam was shot...it changed what gun violence meant to me. The aftermath mentally, emotionally and physically for him -- was a side of gun violence I had never "seen". From medication and pain management, to judgement and misrepresentation -- it seemed like the battle was forever going to be uphill. I wanted to do more than like a post to show support. His resilience, despite it all, made me want to learn how to be a friend and an ally. To stand in the gap for those impacted by gun violence, and help others do the same."


    Follow along as Cam and the BTB team spread awareness about gun violence and it's impact on victims

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